Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon Eternal Judgment. 1t turn'd black by whitenefs, than that the leaff at of injuilice can be done by the Righteous Lord. The Apofcle reje±s with ex- treme detefcation, the blafphe- mous Charge of unrighteouí- nets in God's proceedings : Is God unrighteous that taketh Ven- Rom.3.5,6, geance ? god forbid : For then bow 'hall God judg the World ? He may as foon renounce his Nature, and ceafe to be God, for as fuch he is neceffarily judg of the World, as violate his own Perfetions in his judicial proceedings with . us. 4.God being invifible in his own Nature, bath moll wifely ordain- ed the lall: Judgment ofthe World to be tranía&ed by a vifible Per- fon : becaufè Men are to be on- ly judged,and not the Angels,and the whole Procefs of it with them, will be for things done in the