Bates - BT825 B37 1683

iz S E ZMOZ\I S the Body. The Perfon appoin- ted for this Great Work, is Jefiis Chrifi the Son of God united to. the Humane Nature., The Father 70h.5.22. judged) no Man: Not as if he de- fcended from the Throne, and devef}ed himfelf of his Suprema- cy, but not immediately ; but bath committed all Judgment to the Verf26,27. Son. And it follows, As the Fa- ther bath Life in bimfelf, fo bath be given to the Son to have Life in him- Jel f : And bath given him authority to execute Judgment alto, becaufe he is Son of Man ; that is, as Media- tor. The quality of this Office requires no lefs Perron for the difcharge of it. í . Upon the account of its fuperlative Dignity. No mere Creature is capable of fuch aglo- rious Commiíhon. To pats a SovereignSentence upon Angels and Men, is a Royalty referv'd for