Bates - BT825 B37 1683

S EXM O ZS 2. Upon the account of the immenfe Difficulty , no mere Creature is able to difcharge ice .. To judg the World, includes two things. i . To pafs a righteous and irrevocable judgment upon Men for all things done in this Life. 2. The actual execution of the Sentence. And for this no lets than infinite Wifdom, and infinite Power are necellary. If a fete± number of Angels of the highefi Order were deputed, yet they could not manage the judi- cial trial of one Man. For be- llies the innumerable ads and omiilions in one Life, the fecrets of the Heart, from whence the guilt or goodnels of Moral Ati- ons is principally derived, are not open to them. He alone that difcerns all things, can require an account of all 2. The