Bates - BT825 B37 1683

------- upon Eternal Judgment. i 2. The Son of Man is inve- fled with this High Office as the .Reward of his Sufferings. We muff diffinguifh between the e% fential and eeconomical Power of Chriff. The Son of God, confidered in his Divine Nature, has an original Power of Judg- ment equal with the Father, but confidered as Mediator, has a Power by delegation. In the quality of the Son of Man, he is inferior in dignity to the Fa- ther : The Apofrledeclares this in that (ealeof Subordination, of -the Creatures to Believers, and of Believers to Chrif}, and of Chrifi to God. 411 things are yours, and you are Chrifl's, and hrf is God's. Aud obferving the beautiful Order that ariles from the fuperiority and dépen- dance between things, he faith, The Head o f ere1y Man is Chrit,and the