Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon Eternal judgment. his advancement to judg the World. 5. here is a Day appointed wherein the Son of Man will appear in fenfible Glory, and exercife his judicial Power upon Angels and Men. He is now feated at the right hand of the ,74a- jelly on Hgh, and the Celef Hal Spheres are under his Feet : Uni- verffal Nature feels the power of his Scepter : He reigns in the Hearts of the Saints by his Word and Spirit, and reíhrains the Fury of his Enemies in what degrees he pleat-es : but fall his Servants are in difirefs, and his rebellious Enemies infolently break his Laws ; and the Curtains of Hea.. ven conceal his Glory from us : therefore a Time is prefix'd, when in the Face of theWorld he will make an eternal difference by Rewards and Punifhments B b between