Bates - BT825 B37 1683

S E X 1VI 0 N S between, the Righteous and the Wicked, and his Government Ball have its compleat and glo- rious Ifpue. This is filed the Judg- ment of the great Day. z . With refped to the ap- pearance of the 3udg. When the Law was given fromMount Sinai, theMountainwas covered withFire, and the Voice of God as loud as Thunder proclaimed it from the midft of the Flames, fo that the whole Army of the Yfraelites was prof+rate on the Plain, Bruck witha facred Hor- ror, and almoff dead at theama: zing fights and founds. From hence 'tis Paid, that in his right hand was a fiery Lai.. And if the Law-giver appear'd in fuch terrible Majefl;v at the proclaim- ing the Law, howmuch more when he (hall come to revenge theTranfgreflons of it ? 'Tis fet forth