Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. was made accordingly Holy in perfetion, placed in Paradife, and his date all the Ingredients of Felicity proper to his Nature. He was capablelof dying, as fad experience proves, yet no Accident from without, no Diftemper from within had impair'd his vigour, and made him atually fubje& to Death without fin. Villa innocent he was immortal, not from ever- lafting Principles of Nature, but by Divine Prefervation, ofwhich theTreeof Life was the ordain- 'ed Means and facramental Pledg. For God unchangably loves his own Image : and tho by his So- vereignty and abfolute Power hemayrefume the Beinghe gives, yet his Goodnefs and Covenant were a facred affurance that Man's happy Life ihould run parallel with his perfeverance inhis Duty. This