Bates - BT825 B37 1683

14 S E MO NS This Immortality was not the iingular privilege of /darn's Per- fon, but had been the Inheritance . of all his Progeny. But he foón revolting from his jufR Obedi- ence, of Immortal beçame Mor- tal, and according to the original efhabiifhment of Propagation, tranfmitted his Nature with the guilt and poifon of Sin to all his 12. Pofferity. Thus by one Man Sin entered into the World, and Death by Sin, and fo Death paffed upon all Men, for that all have finned. As his Obedience had been reward- ed, fo his Rebellion is punifht in all that naturally defcend from hire. Frain hence it is, that fo numerous a part of Man-kind are cut off before the commiíhor of aftual Sin. Death enters into the Forge of Life, and deftroys the Conception that newly began to live. And what is more righ-