Bates - BT825 B37 1683

S E R, Nl 0 N S not eating of the Tree of Know- ledg of Good and Evil, only as a mark of his Subjection, and. for the trial of his Obediendé. This Precept had an infallible fandtion by the mofl high Law- giver : In the day thou eateft thereof, thou 'halt die' the death. Man did not keep this Command of fo eafy obfervation, and juftly in- curr'd its doom. As Sin is the violation of the Law, fo Death is the violation of the Sinner in his Nature and Felicity retorted tronn the Law. The deaths of Men are very' different in their kinds;, and are comprifed in. thewords of David concerning Saul ; The Lord pall finite him, or his Day 112(111 6m to die, or he J'hail defcend into the' hat- tel; and peril/7. Sometimes they are cut of by the immediate fla- minghand of God, for the more exemplary