Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. doleful, yet every one palles in it with equal fteps, meafured by the fame invariable fpaces of Hours and Days, and arrive at the fame common end ofLife. Thole whoare regarded as via- ble Deities amongli Men, that can by their Breath raite the Low, and deprefs the Lofty, that have the Lives of millions in their Power, yet when the ordained time is come, as they cannot bribe the accufng Con (cience for a minutes f lence, fo neither delay Death. 1 have [aid ye are Goda, but ye (hall die like Ten. 3. Death is to be confìdered as the Sentence of the Law. The reafonable Creature was made under a Law the Rule of his Aftiáns. The moral Law di- retied him how to continue. in his holy and bleifed State : To Which was annext the Precept of C not