Bates - BT825 B37 1683

'2,o S E P TON S Men. And this ifduly confi- dered, makes it terrible in what- ever fhape it appears. I(. The next thing to be con- fidered is, What the fear ofDeath includes, and the bondage that is confequent to it. This I íhall explain and amplify, by coni- dering four things. I. The nature ofFear in ge- neral, as applicable to the pre- rent Subjea-. 2. The particular Caufes that render Death fo fearful. 3. The degreeof this Fear ex,. prell by Bondage. 4. flow it comes to pais that Men are not always under the actual fear of Death, but fubjea to the Revolutions of it all their lives. t . 1 will confider the-. nature ofFearin general,as applicable to the prefent Subje t. Fear