Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 2I Fear is a pailion implanted in Nature, that caufes a flight from . an approaching Eye. Three things are requifite to qualify the Objet and make it fearful. (i .) The Evil Irma be appre- hended. Knol,vledg, or at leaf fufpicion, excites Fear, by repre- fenting an Evil that is likely to feize upon us. "Till the mind difcern the danger, the pallions areunmoved : and imaginary E-- vils by the mere apprehenfion, are as frongly fear'd as real. (2.) The Evil muff be future. For the naked theoryof the molt pernicious Evil does not wound' theSoul, but the apprehenfion of falling under it. If reafon can open an expedient to prevent an Evil, this Paton is quiet. And Fear precilely regards its Obje i as to come. Prefent Evils in- duce grief and forrow paf C 3 Evils