Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon D E A T.H. 1. Eecaufe dually ficknefs and pains languifbing or for-. . menting, make the fira changes iri the Body,and the natural Death is violent. This .Hektkiah com- plained of with a mournful ac- cent, He will .cut me :ç with- pi - Ifa. 38: ping ffcknefs : from day even to night thou wilt make an end of me. I reckoned till morning, that a a Lion, f o will he break all my Bones. A Troop of Difeafes are the fore- runners of this Ding of Terrors. There is a preceding encounter, and fometimes very fierce, that Nature feels the cruel Victory before it yields to this Enemy. As a Ship that is loft by a mighty tennpef+, and by the comuíhon of the Winds and Waves loíes its Rudder and Mails, takes in water in every part, and gradually finks into the Ocean So in the 0.1ipwrack of Nature, the Body is