Bates - BT825 B37 1683

26 SEXM'010ZS is fo íhaken and weakened by theviolence of a Difeafe, that the fenfes, the animal and vital Ope; rations decline, and at laR are ex- ftinguilh.'d in death. i. Death confidered in the ftri&eíß propriety, as def1rutive of the natural being, that is our firif and moil valuable good in the order of Nature, is the jufi obje& of Fear. The union be- tween Soul and Body is very in- timate and dear, and like ]David and Jonathan they part unwilling- ly. Nature has a (hare in the beRMen, and works as Nature St. (Paul declares, we would not be uncloatl,ed, not finally put off the Body, but have it glorified in conjunction with the Soul. Our bleffedSaviour, without the leali impeachment of the Retitude and perfection of his Nature, expreRR an averfnefs fromDeath, and