Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH 27 and with fubmiffon to the divine Will defired a freedom from it. J-lis A e Lions were holyand hu- rriane, and moved according to the qualityof their Objeas. 3. The natural confequents of Death render it fearful. Life is the foundation of all natural en- joyments, and the lofs of it in- duces the lofs ofall for ever. 'Tis from hence that filch Evils that are confìftent withLife, and de- prive us only of force particular content and pleafure, arewilling- ly chofen rather than Death. The forfeiture of Efate, the de- grading from honour, the con- finement to a perpetual Prifon,the banifhing from our nativeCountry, are lets Penalties than Death. There is a natural love of Society in Man, and Death re- moves from all. The Grave is a frightful folitude. There is no