Bates - BT825 B37 1683

14pon DEA-r. 45 his Sons íhould be in the fiate of the dead, there was no f lrength in j Sam. 28, lzim,but he fell flraight way all along on the Earth ; ftruck through with fear before he was wounded by theArrows, of the Philiflins. De1- fhazzar in the miduof his luxury and jolity,attended witha thoufand 1n.Y,ß, Lords, and his herd ofconcubines, in- 34 flam'd with Wine, and therefore lets capableof fear, ,yet upon the fight of the fatal Hand writing on the Wall a tew unknown Cha- ra±ers, which his guilty Con- fcience ( before the Prophet Da- niel came) interpreted to be the fentenceof prefent Death, How fearfully was his Countenance changed pale as a Carcafs ? How fuddainly did his Blood congeal, and his warmeu cluickefl Spirits die in his Heart ? His whole Bo- dy was feized by fuch a vehement. trembling, that his joints were loafed,