Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon D E ATH. 47 welcome, and we fludioufly en- deavour to cancel the memory of .filch thingsas Alin us. f is faid of the Wicked, that God is not all their thoughts : The confidera- tion of the Holy Infpenor and Judg of their Anions is torment- ing , therefore they fill their minds with earthly imaginations, to exclude the Divine Prefence. We read of thofe, who to put far away the evil day, chaunted __17,zos 6.3,4 to the found of the Viol, and drank Wine in Bowls. They are rock'd afleep with the motion of phan- - taflick Vanities. And fleep takes awayFear, but gives no fafety. 'Tis recorded of Marius, that af- efElian. ter his overthrow by Scylla, he was always in conf$ernation, as if he heard the found of the Trumpets, and the noire of the victorious Army purfuing him And his Fears were no longer quiet