Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 5 3 is the order, rather the confitfion in the World by Sins The Em,- pine of Satan and Death is built do the Ruins of our Innocence. Now the Son of God cane from his Throne in Heaven to deliver us : And whereas there are two ways of obtaining free- dom from captivity, either by Ranforn, or by Power and ReI- cue, in both refpeas our delive- rance from bondage, to there Capital Enemies, is aferibed to the Death of Chrifi. 'Tis called our Ranfom, and that in its aria Notion has a refpelt to Captivity. There is one God, and one Mediator between God and Man, the Man Chri ft 7efus : who gave himfelt a Ranforn for all. His Life was the full price of our Liberty and Salvation. God does not pardonfn, and releale from punifhment by a pure ab- V.3 folate