Bates - BT825 B37 1683

SE2MoNS Scoffers, walking after their own lints, and laying, Where is the Pro- tnfe of his coining? But let them.. blalpheme and fcorn the moil fa- cred and terrible Truths, let them perpetuate their excels of riot, and wild Mirthwhile they live, Death will corne, and Judgment as fure as Death. III. I now come to Chewhow the Death of Chrifl frees us from the tormenting fear of Death. For the clearing this, we are to confider, that Sin, Satan, and Death, areEnemies in combina - tion againf$ Man in his mortal Clare ; and the deflrudive Power of Satan, and Death, is from Sin. When Man renounc'd his Crea- tour and natural Lord, he was judicially given up to Satan as the Executioner of Vengeance, and to the Power of Death. Such is