Bates - BT825 B37 1683

'SE1,M0NS Coneluei . F-lis Death difarm'd Satanof his Weaponswhereby he fubdued us,Sin,the Law,andDeath;. for rho' his atual Triumph was in his R.efurreaion and Afcenfi_ on to Glory, yet it is juf+ly afcri- bed to his Death : for that meri- torioufly open'd the Grave at his P,ekirrecrtion, and Heaven at his Aicenfion. And by the way 'tis mofE worthy of obfervation, that our deliverance from our fpiritual and Moil deadly Enemies is equally righteous, as 'admirable and glo- rious : for our fuffering Saviour appeas'd the Wrath of God, and broke the Powers of Darknefs. Wijdonz and' Love of God had their deigns in his Death, as well a t e ìnrit'ice and rage of Satan,as Lines, that are oppojite in the circumference, meet in the Centre,