Bates - BT825 B37 1683

,upon D E A T H. 57 And as from the Tyranny of Satan, fo the Death of our Re- deemer is our redemption from 1Yeath, as to the cìirie and final dominion of it ; nay., has made it a blared advantage to us. i . The Curie is removed. Death considered as the Wages of Sin, is all fling and poifon, the confequent of the fpiritual Death, and ° the introduction to eternal Death. The fling ofDeath is Sin, I Cor.15. and the flrength of Sin is the Lacy. Death bath its wounding Power from Sin, and Sin from the Law, that forbids it, that difcovers its Nature, and enhanies the mea- lure of its Guilt, and denounces condemnation for it. Now our Saviour having in our (lead, fub- jetied himfelf to Death, the pe- nalty of the Law for Sin, There is no condemnation to thole that are in Oril jefits. Chrifi bath redeemed G4.3. us