Bates - BT825 B37 1683

S EXM 0 N S fleep in fefws, will god bring with him. 'Tis obfervable how the Apoftle varies the exprefon,- je, fu.s died, and the Saints fleep in hiin : for he fuitained death Annon lorige glorio- with all its terrors, that fills fuit, quandoquidem totum pro nobis ageba- it might be a calm fleep to his People. They enjoy as perk& a reft in the Beds of Duff, as ever in the fofteft Down. Stephen in the midi} ofa fhowr of Rones fell afleep. Eelievers die in peace. The kghteouus is taken 4:4.57.1,2. from the Evil to come : be enters into peace. Being reconciled to God through the Blood of Chrift,they are not terrified at his Call, but with fweet tranquillity refign Lug; 2. their Souls unto him. Lord, now let thy Servant depart in peace, for ?nine eyes have fen thy Salvation. There- tur, ut non modo paf- fio corporis, fed etiam cordis affedio prono- bis faceret ? Et quos vivificabat mors,nihilo- minus & trepidatio ro- bufos, & meftitia 1 - tos& tædium alacres & turbatio quietos face- cet, & defolatio confo- latos ? Bern. Serro. i. de St. Andr.