Bates - BT825 B37 1683

64 SEMONS 'Tis for its amplitude and ex- cellency called the Heaven of Hea- vens, which is the high& comp;. rifon to inf}ruec and affonifh 'us with the Gloryof the place. The fhining Firmament, with all the Luminaries that adorn it, are but the Frontice-piece to it. All the luffre of Diamonds, the fire of Carbuncles andRubies,the bright- neís of pearls are dead in corn- pardon of its Glory. 'Tis cal- led by our Saviour his Fathers Houfe, and he is the Godof Glory 'tis his Temple, wherein his facred Pretence is fully exhibited : Hís Throne, wherein his Majefly is revealed in the molt illuftrious manner. For pleafantnefs ; 'tis called Paradife, in allufion to the delici- ous Garden plantedby the hands of God himfelf for Adam, his Favorite, whilfl innocent. There is