Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEAT1-i. is the 1 reg ofLife indeed, and livers of Pleafure ever fpringing from the Divine Prefence. 'Tts cat.9 tie Inheritance of the Saints in Light ; to fignify literally and allegori- cally the glory and joy of the Place. For Light gives fplendor to things ; and conciliates cheat-- fulnefs, and is a fit Emblem of both. As on the contrary, Hell is defcribed by the blacknefs of darknef.? for el'er ; to fignify the fadnefs and defpair of the Dam- ned, and becaúfe in that centreof inifery, a perpetual night and in- vincible darknefs ineeafes the horror of loi Souls. Heaven for {lability is called, a City that bas Foundations, whofé Builder and Maker is Gode The prefent World is like a Tent or Tabernacle fet up for á tiirie, and with all its perifhing Idols [hall thortly fall all this beautiful Scene