Bates - BT825 B37 1683

66 SEXMONS yo 1 4. Tempus anguftatur ad vitam, dilatatur ad miferi- am. Scene (hall be diltolved : But the fupreme Heaven is a Kingdom that cannot be Jhaken. Our Saviour. tells us, In my Father's Houfe dre many ,/lanfions, to fignify the am- plitude and durablenefs of it. 2. In that bleffed Place there is a freedom from all aflliting Evils, that are numberlefs here. The prefent World is a labyrinth of Thorns, in every Efate we meet with fomething to vex us. You may as well count theWaves of the Sea when inraged by a Tempefl,as the troubles towhich in this mortal openBate we are expos'd. Man that is born of a Woman, is of few days, and full of trouble. A fhort life, and many miferies. O our unhappy capa- city ! the Body is liable to as ma- nyDifeafes as there are Members; and the Soul to as many perplexi- ties as pafions. How often are the