Bates - BT825 B37 1683

68 SEMONS ferve their Spirits from the tain- ted pleasures of the World, and other Holy Ends : but there is a, refl for the People of god in Reci- Ten. Befides, there are Reliques of Sin in the bef of the Saints here. Indeed Sin is depos'd from fovereignty and rule ; the impe- rious Lufs are crucified, but not quite expir'd. As thole that were nail'd to the Crofsin their hands and feet, the parts leaf vital and roof fenfible, died a painful lingring death. Still the flefh halts aaaín fl the {Brit, and the f i- rit again ft the flrjb. As there is a' complexion of Humours in hu- mane Bodies , always jarring when they are in the foundef health ; and where there is not this attive contrariety, either the Body is without a Soul, a mere Caveats, or a glorified Body in Heaven. So where there is not this