Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEA'u. this internal Combat between Grace and Sin, either the. Man is wholly \\ Carnal, dead iTi fins and tre afes ; or wholly fpiritual reign- ing in Heaven. And there is nothing more works on the tender affections of a Saint, than to find in himfelf what is di(pleaiîng to God ; that 'till he is under a fad neceffity of finning. What is laid concerning an old Man wa- fled and decayed in his drooping Years, that the AgraChopper ìs a bur- den to hire; is true, of the new Man in a Chriflian , the fins that are counted light in the valuation of the World, are a heavy weight to him. Vain Thoughts, idle Words, irregular Palfions, unprofitable Ations, F 3 are Omnes homines aut funt penitus caro, &ni- hil -habent fpiritus, ii funt infideles lire rege- neratione. Aut funt tantum fpiritus finecar- ne. Ii funt fanti ; qui jam in Calo xterna fruuntur pace fine pu- gna. Aut font partira fpiritus, partine caro. Ii funt omnes renati per fpiritum fanThum in Chrilto. ,Aug. cont. yid.