Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 7 I and Grace is the Glory of the Soul, and both are then in their .exaltation. All the Faculties of the Soul are rais'd to the highefc degrees of Natural and Divine Perfeaion. In this Life Grace renews the Faculties, but does not elevate them to their highea pitch : it does not make a mean Underfranding pregnant, nor a frail Memory f$rong, nor a flow Tongue eloquent, but fan ;iñes them as they are. But when the Soul is releas'd from this dark Bo- dy of Earth, the Underffanding is clear and quick, the Memory firm, the Will and Affeaions ar- dent and vigorous. And they are enrich'd with divine Light, and Love,and Power,that makes them fit for the moll noble and heavenly Operations. The line- aments of God's Image on the Soul are hrft drawn here, but F 4 then