Bates - BT825 B37 1683

S E MONS then it receives his laft hand. All the Celeaial Colours are added, to give the utmoft life and lultre to it. Here we are advancing, but by Death we arrive at Per- feaion. We fhall in Heaven be join'd to the AlTembly of Saints and Angels, our belt Friends. Love is the Lawof -that Kingdom, and Perfetly obeyed there. Now how charming is 'the Conver1ti- on of one that is wife and holy, d-pecially if the fweetnefs of af- fability be inhis temper ? How pleafantly does time aide away in the company of our beloved Friends ? We are not fenfible of its flight: But what dear fatif- faaion is it to be united to that Choren confecrated Society A- bove, who love one another as them -11-K{the Angels andSaints haiTe different degrees of Glory, yet: