Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. 75 experience of an Angel to fet it forth. The bright fum of it is .this, We Mall fee God in his Glo- ry, face to face, in the molt per- z Cor. 13. fea manner : the fight of his Glory (hall transform us into his Likenefs ; we (hall be like him, for i fohn 3, ive (hall fee hirn a%s he is : This (hall produce in us the mofi pure and ardent Love ; and Love (hall be attended with in- expreffible joy, and that with the highem praifes of the bleffed God, whole influxive prefence is the Heaven of Heaven. And that which crownsall is, that the Life above is Eternal. This fatisfies all our Defires, and excludes all our Fears: for un- changeablenefs is an infeparable Attribute of perfea felicity. The Bleffed are in full communion with God, the Fountain of Life, and °rift the Prince of Life. De- cattle