Bates - BT825 B37 1683

SEXMo11TS tion of Men, it put him into art extafy. Yet then our Saviour was born to Sorrows and Mife: ries. But how ravifhing is the fight of our Redeemer, jet down on the right hand of the Maj0 on high, having purgedour Sins by him- feif and accompliíh'd our Sal- . vation. Nowwe are abfent from god, yet in believing his infalli- ble Promifes, we rejoice with a Yoy un eakable and glorious ; But how much more joyful is the fruition of them ? Here the Di- vine Goodnefs is derived to us through fecondary means, that weaken its efficacy, but in Hea- ven the confolarions of theCrea- tor are moí1 purely difpenfed, and his immediate Excellencies are made known. This Bleffednefs exceeds all our thoughts and explicit defires, and requires the eloquence and expert,