Bates - BT825 B37 1683

SEMONS r® Death, that they die, and remain in the late of Death for a time. For this there are feverál Reaföns. t. By this means all the fin; ful Frailties that cleave to the Saints in this Life , are abo- lifh'd. The Body is dead becauje of Sin: And what is more be- coming the wife and holy Pro- vidence of God, than that as by Sin .Man was at firft made fubje4 to Death, fo by Death Sin dies entirely for ever. Thus as ìïí Sampfon's Riddle, Out òf the Devourer comes Meat ; and our wort}Enemy is conquer'd by his ownWeapons. 2. Death is continued to the Saints, for the more emi- nent exercife and illuf}rati; onof their Graces, for the Glo- ryofGod, and in' order to their future