Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. future reward. 1¡ Faith, and Love, and Pati- .ence, are declared in their molt powerful Operations in our en- counter with Death. If every Saint were vifibly and entirely tranílated to Heaven, after a {port courfe of holy Obedience ; if the Wicked did viii. bly drop down quick into Hell,Faith would be reigned to fight -here. This would confound the Militant fiate of the Church with the Triumphant. There- fore nowDeath happens to the Good as well as to the Wicked. In the next fate they {hall be feparated by a vaf Gulph, and an amazing Dif- ference. NowFaith, what-ever the kind of Death be that a Chri- fiian 79 11 Poterat autemChri- ftus etiam hoc donare credentibus, ut nec &i- us experirentur corpo- ris mortem : fed fi hoc fecill'et carni qu2edam fklicitas adderetur, mi- nueretur fidei fortitu- do. Quid enim mag- num erat vivendo eos non mori qui crederent credere fe non moritu- rum ? Quanto eft ma- jus quanto fortiusquan- to laudabilius ita cre- dere, ut fe fperet mo- riturus fine fine vidu- rum ? Atig. de pecc. Mort. Lib. 2.