Bates - BT825 B37 1683

8L S 14 oNs mal Body be reformed and puri- fied, 'cis not capable of the Glo- ry referv'd in Heaven. This i,s ib abfolutely requifite, that thofe Believers, who are found alive at the lait Day, fall in the twinckling ofan Eye be changed, that they may be qualified for it. Now herein the Wifdom of God is wonder- ful, that Deathwhich by the Co- venant of Works was the defer- ved penalty of Sin, by the Cove - nant of Grace fhould be the In- frument of Immortality. That as Jo/epb by a furprifing Circuit 'was brought from the friton tei the Principality ; Co a Believer by the Grave afcends to Heaven. This the Apoftle in his Divine Dilputation againft Infidels , proves in a moil convincing manner ; Mu Fool, that which thou foulefl, is not quickned except it die. As the rottingof the Corn in