Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. óI nonebut thofe that ftrive fully, Exerci*ia and are coánpleat Conquerors. nobis flint And how wife and fvwweet is the non dant fu a.nineral - Öeconom of the Divine Pro- mo fortitu vidence in this, that the frailty of am Con- our Nature thould afford us a temptu means of glorifyingGod, and of P rantPd entitling our (elves by his molt coronam. r. gracious Promifes to a bleff;d Móp.tàlde Reward. 3 . Our Saviour by his invalua- ble Obedience and Sufferings, has procur'd for Believers a Celeftial Divine Life, of which the natu- ral Body is not capable. The A- poile faith, Flefh and blood cannot enter into the Dingdom of f Heaven. The exigencies and decays ofthe fenfitive Nature require a conti- nual relief b i,food and Beep, and othér material fupplies : but the Life. above . is wholly fpiritual, and equal to that of the Angels. Therefore till this earthly anis C mai