Bates - BT825 B37 1683

84 SEMONS may not be difhurbed : for the changing of our Nature into Glory, in a fuddain and inexpli- cable manner, cannot bewithout miraculous Power; and if every L'eliever prefently after Death, were in his glorified Fody tran- flated to Heaven, the World would be always filled with Mi- racles, which were to ceafe after the fufficient Confirmation of the Gofpel by them. But how long foever the Interval be to the Peiurreiion, it (hall be with them that Beep in jeJ as 'tis with thole that awake out of a quiet natural fleep, to whom the longeft night kerns but as a mo- ment : fo when the Saints fluff a- wake from Death, in the great Morning ofthe World, a thou - fand Years will Teem no more to them than to God himfelf, but a one day. I