Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DE AT H. I now come to provè the third Thing, That our Saviour will abolifh the Dominion of Death over the Saints.. Whilff the Bodies ofthe Saints remain in the Grave, they feem to be abfolutely under the power of Death. i he World is a Gol- gotha, fill'd with the Monuments of its Victories. And it may be Paid to this our lait Enemy, in the words of the Prophet to the bloodyKing, Haft thou killed and takenpo ff ion ? But we are affur'd by an infallible Word, that the power of DeathThai be abolifh'd, and the Bodies of the Saints be reviv'd incorruptible and immor- tal. The Refurreaion is a Terra in- cognita to the wifefl Heathens ; a Dottine peculiar to the Gofpel : fdme glimmerings they had of G3 the