Bates - BT825 B37 1683

8 SEMONS revenging Juffice be manifeft in punifhing the Bodies of the Wic- kedwith eternal torments anfwe- table to their guilt. And of the po(fibility of the Refurretion , the circular and continual produ&ionof things in theWorld, is a clear demonfi<ra- tionofthe Power ofGod for that effeL. There is a pregnant In-. fiance that our Saviour and the Apoile made ufe ofas an Image of the Refurre ftion : A grain of Corn fowed in the Earth corrupts and dies, and after fprings up en- tire : its death is a difpofition to life. The effays of God's Power in the Works of returning Na- ture, Flowers and Fruits in their feafon, inf$rua us how eafily he can make thole that are in the duff to awake to life. Ifthe .Art of Man, whofe power and skid Ore very narrow and limited, can