Bates - BT825 B37 1683

upon DEATH. admit Temptations. Carnal Af- fetions deprave the Soul, cor- rupt the Mind, and miflead ir, the love of Sin is founded in bono jucundo, in fenfible pleafures and the Members are the Servants of Iniquity. The Heart is the Foun- tain of Prophanenefs , and the Tongue expreffes it. And the Body is obfequious to the holy Soul in doing or fuffering for God ; and denies its fenfual ap- petites ançl fatisfaaions in com- pliance with Real-on and Grace. The Members are the i firuments of ighteou f ne fs. It follows then there will be an univerfal Refurreton, that the rewarding gocdnefs of God may appear in making the Bodies of his Servants glorioufly happy with their Souls, and their Souls compleatly happy in union, with their Bodies, towhich they have a natural inclination, and his G 4 re-