Bates - BT766 B3 1699

The Preface. mon, Be not Righteous over-much : The intention of the wife Preacher, is to direci us' in the exercif of compaSonate Charity towards others , and not to cenfure them with Rigor and Severity for humane Frail - ties ; the Tempter perverts his meaning, to make us remit in Religion, and ,thy of fria Holinefs. Moral Men value them 'elves upon their fair Converfatian ; they are not flain'd with foul and vifible Pollu- tions, but are. externally fòber I and righte- ous; and they will advife, that Men fhould not take a forfeit of Religion , but rife with an appetite ; that 'tis Wifdom to of fo much of Religion 44 may quiet the Clam pours of Confcience , fecure Reputation , and afford form colour of Comfort : But 'tis a nice of Folly to be over-religious, and juflly expofs Perfons to derifion, as vainly nice and frupulous. They commend the golden mean , and under the pretence of temper, lake-warmnef, The Objellicn in fore part of it is ne claim, and apt to foray the Minds of Men that do not attentively confider things. To iii/cover its fal/e Colour , and to make a true and Rife `Judgment of our Duty, it will be ufeful to confider. Tis true, there is a mediocrity between vicious extrearns wherein the e f fence of nferiotir :Moat Venues canes ; for they are