Bates - BT766 B3 1699

T H E PR E F AC E' T HE great Defign of God in his. faving Mercies, is to transform us into the Image of his unjbotted Holineff. We are eleEted to be holy ; redeem'd to be holy ;. call'd to be holy ; 4nd at laß, we 'ball be receiv'd into Hea. ven, and made glorious in Holinefs, with- out fpot or blemifh. It was worthy of the deftending Deity into this lower World, to inflrutt and per- fwade Men, by his perfect Rules and Ex, ample, to be holy as God is holy, in all manner of Converfation. The Enemy ofSouls, in combination with the Carnal Mind, life all their Arts to cool our endeavours in following Holinefs ; and rai/e an army of Objections to difmay ics, and flop our progrefs to Perfection. Some, times the Deceiver in,ires a Temptation with fo loft a Breath, that 'tis not dif Eern'd He fuugefts the Counfel of Sala- A 3 1110111