Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual PerfeHion. 9 5 them, in the belief and Lives of True Chriftians. Infidels are apt to reply, if they faw Miracles performed to affure them of the Divinity of the Chriftian Religion, they would believe it. 'Tisa vain pretence that Men would fubmit to the power of God declar'd by Miracles, who deny his Authority made known in that eminent degree of Evidence in his Word. Abraham anfwer'd the Rich Man,- who defir'd a Mefíenger from the Dead might be Cent to Convert his Bre- thren, They have Mofes and the Prophets, and if they hear not them, they would not be perfrwaded though one rote from the dead. In ahort, thofe who refift fo ftrong a Light as alines in the Scripture, the de- lufion of their Mind is from their depra- ved Hearts. Speculative 'Truths obtain the prefent and cafe Affent of the Mind ; but Truths direaive of Praaice, if op- polite to Mens Lufts, though their Evi- dence be unexceptionable, yet the car- nal Mind is very averíe from receiving them. This account is given of the Pharifees Infidelity, they repented not that Mat. 21. 324 they might believe in him. When the Will is ingag'd in the love of Sin, and Rebels againft the Sanfity and Severity ofthe Gofpel Commands, 'tis congruous to reiea it. The corrupt Afl Lions hin' der