Bates - BT766 B3 1699

96 Spiritual Perfèc1ion. der the due application of the Mind to confider the motives of Credibility, and slain the Mind that it does not fincerely judge of them. Though Infidels pre- tend to be the only difcourling Wits of the Age, to have the Oracles of Reafon in their Breaos, and defpife others as Captives of a blind Belief, yet their Fol- ly is palpable and penal, for having pro, yoked God by their Infidelity, they are left to the power of their Lufts, and of the Tempter, and fink deeper into dark- nefs, and become more hardned and pre- fumptuous. Thofe who Embark with thefe diftraaed Pilots in fuck dange- rous Seas, have a, mind to periíh for ever. 2. Hyprocrile is a Spiritual Pollution. In its Theological Confideration it im- plyes a Counterfeiting Religion and Vertue : an affe&ation of the Name join'd with a difaffeaion to the Thing. The having a form of Godline/s, with de- vying the power ofit. Accordingly, i. Every Titular Chriífian, who pro- feffes Subjeaion tö Chrio, and lives in Habitual Difobedience to his Commands, is an Hypocrite. The anions are the incarnate iffues of the Heart wherein they are form'd, and the clearest difco- very of it. A Rebellious Courfe of Sin, declares a perfon to be an Infidel, not=. withftanding