Bates - BT766 B3 1699

9 Spiritual Ferfed ion. penfate his defeas in the Duties of one Table, by firia obferving the Duties of the other : This is pernicious Hypocri- fie. The fubtilty and ftrength of Satan are imployed to deceive Men by an airy Religion, by an opinionative Goodnefs, to prevent their being awakened from their drowfieand deadly date. 'Tis wor- thy of notice, The Tempter has a dou- ble operation in the Minds of Men : --He deceives the hypocritical with fall hopes, by concealing or extenuating their --Sins, to induce them to prefume of the ...Favour of God, and toTécure his quiet .poffeßïon of them : He troubles the fin- -cere. with vain Terrors, by concealing ,their Graces, to difcourage their pro- the way to Heaven : He is an envious Explorator, and karat's to find out their defeas, toaccufe them t God ; and he defames God to them , as if he would not fpare his Sons that ferve him : He is triumphant in the unfanaified, and militant in the Saints. 3. Some hide their crying sins under the colourable appearance of Verrues ; anc pretend toHolinefs, that they may fin with lets fufpicion, and more fecuri. ty. He will (peakof thofe Sins it others with feverity, which he freely indulges in himfelf. The Charaaers of Religion are drawn in his Countenance, but his Luífs