Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual PprfeZion. 97 withffanding his owning Chrift to be our King His Life is a continual Lye He vainly prefumes that God is his Fa- ther, when his Aaions declare hire to John ¿4t 4 4. be a Child of the Devil. 2. Hypocrifie in a ftriaer fenfe is, When Men prefiamo their fpiritual con- dition to be good, upon falfe grounds; 'Tis obfervable, no Man is a Hypocrite to himfelf Out of choice he does not deliberately deceive himfelf : But one may be a Hypocrite without his know-- ledge, by Ignorance and Error. He may think his inclination to fome Vertues á and his averfion from forne Vices, to be Divine Grace : But fympathies and an- tipathies proceed often from Natural Temper , and not from the renewed Mind and Will , from Judgment and Choice. A tame Dog is as truly a beaft as a wild' Wolf. A Man that performs only fome good things , and abítains from forne evil, from natural Confcience; is as truly in the Elate of polluted Na- ture, as oie that is wholly carelefs of his Duty, and freely indulges every carnal Luft.. One may be exa& in light mat- tiers; a ,thePharifees in tithing Mint and Cummin, and neglea fubitantial Duties he may be zealous in the outward parts of Religious Worfhip, andnegle&Righ- teoufnefs and Mercy, and think to corn.. H penfate,