Bates - BT766 B3 1699

I i 2 Spirkual Perfection. 2. Sincerity produces Conftancy.There is a ftria Connexion between the lead- ing Faculties, and their inward Opera- tions, with the outward Anions. Ac- cording to the renewed Temper of the Mind and Will, filch is the tenor of the Life. Pure Religion and undefiled be- fore God, that i s exercis'd from Divine Principles, and Eternal Motives, will fortifie a Chriftian againft all TemptatiA ons : he will neither be allur'd nor ter- rified from his Duty. Some when Religion is in publick Efteem, are forward Profeffors : but if the Tel mony of Truth expofes them to Reproatli, as Seditious and Difloyal, and the Confequences of that Reproach, they will Comply with the temper of the Times to fecure their fecular Intereft. And as there are Change of Garments, Summer and Winter Garments accord- ing to the feafons of the Year, fo they have Change of Religions as the times vary. Perfecution difcovers them to have been formal Profeffors, without the fpirit and depth of Religion in their Hearts. But fincere Chriftians are con- fpicuoufly fuch in the Fiery Tryal. 'Tis obferv'd in digging Wells in the hot Months of yuly and Auguf$, if a Vein of Water flows, 'tis a ftgn of a lafting Spring : thus if in the Burning Heat of Ìerfe,