Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Per f e ion. Perfecution the Profefíìon of the pure Religion is declar'd, 'tis an Argument it proceeds from fincere Grace, that will be fpringing up to Everlafli g Life. There are numerous Examplesof the Holy Mar- tyrs, who defpifed the enraged World, as a fwarm of angry Flies, and turn'd Perfecution into a Pleafure, and with un- declining Fervor and Courage perfever'd in the Confef ion of Chriff, till they ob- tain'd the Crown of Eternal Life. Un- feined Faith and Sincere Love are the ftrongeft fecurity againft A.poffacy : he that is found at the Centre is unfhaken by Storms. The double-minded, whofe Hearts are divided between the inlight- ned Confcience, and their Carnal AffeEti- ons, are unable in all their ways. Some have Mort expiring fits of De- votion : while they are in aff-liaing Cir-. cumftances either by Terrors of Con- fcience, or Difeafes in their Bodies, or difaffers in their Elutes, they refolve to be regular and reform'd in their Lives, to walk circumfpealy and exaaly : but when they are releas'd from their Trou- bles, they degenerate from their defiges, and falfify their refolutions, and like a Lion flipt from his Chain, that returns to his fiercenefs with his Liberty, fo they relapfe into their old Rebellious Sins. The reafon is, they were not inwardly cleanfed 1 3