Bates - BT766 B3 1699

116 Spiritual Per fec"lion. is the Rewarder of Moral Vertues, with Temporal Bleffin¢s but he is the Eter- ,nal Reward of Goeily Sincerity. This is the firíf Notion of perfea holinefs in the prefent (fate. 2. There is an Integral Perfeaion of Holinefs : that is, an entire conjugation of all thofe Sanaifying Graces of which the Image of God Confiffs. The New Creature in its forming is not like the effeEs of Art, but the living produ&ions of Nature. A Sculptor in making a Statue of Marble, finishes the Head, when the other part is but rude lfone. But all the parts of a Child in the Womb, are gradually form'd together, till the Body is complete. The Holy Spirit in renewing a Man, infufes a univerfal ha- bit of Holinefs, that is Comprehenfive of all the variety of Graces to be Exer- cis'd in the Life of a Chrilfian. As the Corrupt Nature; ffil'd the Old Man, is complete in its Earthly Members, all the Lulls of the Flesh, both of the defiring and angry Appetite, and difpofes with- out the correaive of Reffraining Grace, the Natural Man to yield to all Temp- tations : he will be Fierce with the Con- tentious, Licentious with the Diflolute, Intemperate with the Drunkard, Lafci vious with the Impure, Impious with the Scorners of Religion. Thus theDi- vine