Bates - BT766 B3 1699

pir túal Per, e ion. t z 5 cepts of eafie Obedience, yet he will not forfake his fweet Sins. Now if any fin be entertain'd or unrenounc'd by a Perfori, he is unregenerate, and a Cap- tive of Satan : as if a Bird be infnar'd by one Leg, 'tis as furely the prey of the the Fowler, as if it were feiz'd by both Wings. I (hall onely add, Sincerity commends tas to God, it gives value to the meanefl Service, and the want of it Corrupts the - moft eminent Service. lehu's Zeal was a bloody Murther, though the deftruai. on of Ahab's Family was Commanded by God. The Confcioufnefs of Sincerity rejoices the living Saint with prefent Comfort , and the dying with the hopes of future Happinefs. The Apoftle when furround- ed with Calamities, declares, this is our rejoycing, the teflimòny of Confcience, that withfimplicity, andgody fncerity, we have I Cot.. I. had our Con 'erfation in this World. He- ,zeekiah having receiv'd a Mortal Meflage by the Prophet addreft himfelf to God, Remember, O Lord, I befeech thee, how I have walked before thee, in truth, with perfea heart. Truth and Perfeaion are equivalent ; this was a reviving Cordial in his dying Hour. A fincere Life is at tended with a happy Death,, and that is attended with a more happy Life. God, I2