Bates - BT766 B3 1699

Spiritual Perfecion. The firft is not onely fruitlefs, but acci- Tdcntally pernicious : according to Solo- mon's Expreffion, he that increafs know- ledge incréafes Sorrow. A fmaller degree of knowledge of God and Chrift that is produaive of Love and Obedience, is far more valuable than a more large and accurate knowledge of the Divine Attri- butes, of the union of the Natures and Offices of Chrift, that is not fruitful in Good Works : as a fpot of Ground Cul- tivated according to its quality, is more profitable than a large Field that lies Waite. 2. Moral PerfeEign is evident by a Threefold Comparifon. i. Of the Saints with vifible Sinners. 2. Of the Saints among themfelves. 3. Of force emi- nent aas of Grace with lower aas in the fame kind. i. The Comparifon of . Saints with vifible Sinners makes them, appear as perfe&. 'Tis true there is a mixture of Principles in the belt here, of Flefh and Spirit, inherent Corruption, and infus'd Grace, and the operations flowing from them accordingly are mixt. But as one who has not the brighteft Colours of white and red in the Complexion, ap- pears an Excellent Beauty, fet offby the pretence of a Blackmoor, 'fo the Beauty of Holinefs in a Saint, though mixt with blemithes, I25